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Saturday, Mar 24th - Haynesville Fire Department, Haynesville, LA
Saturday, Mar 24th - Haynesville Fire Department, Haynesville, LA
Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention - (SHARP) Instructor School
Feb 19th - 20th - St Tammany Parish Sheriff Office Training & Education Facility - Pearl River, LA
Mar 12th - Mar 16th - Webster Parish Education Resource Center - 109 Clerk St., Minden, LA
Mar 21st - Mar 23rd - Webster Parish Education Resource Center - 109 Clerk St., Minden, LA

Steve Risner - Lead Instructor/Trainer

Steve RisnerSteve Risner has over thirty–four plus years of experience in law enforcement & corrections, fulfilling such roles as: State Correctional Officer, State Probation and Parole Agent, Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff and a Warden of a correctional facility for a Sheriff's Department. He is currently an Instructor/Trainer in the Use of Force, State certified Firearms Instructor and presently performing duties as a Training Mentor & Advisor for Afghan National Police & Prison systems in Afghanistan. Steve has also served as a K-9 handler in narcotic detection and tracking.

He has certified nearly a thousand Law Enforcement / Correctional Use of Force Instructors in his career and civilians in Carry Concealed Handgun for permits to carry concealed. He has also lectured and taught to hundreds of law enforcement/correctional officers in Use of Force and Survival Awareness. Steve is also a certified instructor in Electronic Control Devices and Chemical Agents.

Steve is one of approximately 300 Certified PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics), Instructor Trainers worldwide in Defensive Tactics, Inmate Control, Pressure Points, Collapsible Baton & Impact Weapons, Weapon Retention and Disarming, Spontaneous Knife Defense, Ground Avoidance and Ground Escape, Side-Handle Baton and Threat Pattern Recognition.  He is a member of the world’s largest use of force organization, the Human Factor Research Group. He is also a certified Instructor Trainer in civilian classes of Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention, (SHARP), and for the education arena in Disruptive Student Management and School Safety, (Bullying) & Healthy Children. 

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Butch Shaver - Lead Instructor/Trainer

butch-150Butch Shaver has worked in law enforcement for 32 years fulfilling such roles as: state support enforcement agent, state probation and parole agent, instructor and trainer for city, parish and state law enforcement agencies, liaison officer between state probation and parole office and U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Apprehension Strike Force working with FBI, DEA, ATF, ICE and the SOIB (Sex Offender Operations Branch) departments in the apprehension of felons and some of Americas Most Wanted, student of martial arts for fifteen years and teacher of high school history and english for several years.

Butch is one of 200 Certified PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor/Trainers worldwide.

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Staff Instructors

Our Experienced Team of Staff Instructors help us realize our mission at GETS, to offer any type of survival skill to anyone, any agency and/or institution, so that it may one day possibly save lives during a critical incident, whether it is with a firearm or empty hand techniques - through our CCH Classes or other courses:

  • Buster Flowers - a retired Louisiana State Trooper and a Firearm Instructor with them, has been helping us conduct the CCH Classes for the past 12 years. Being a road trooper, and Narcotic Investigator, Buster has valuable information and knowledge when it comes to carrying a firearm and critical incidents. 
  • Col. Brad Rogers - just recently joined us about 2 years ago and his experience as an Instructor in Hunter Education Courses and firearms safety is an asset to our CCH Classes and Advanced Carry Concealed Classes. 
  • Lt. J.D. Faulkner - retired from Homer Police Dept. joined us two years ago and we could have not found any one better to assist us in classroom and range firearms safety. Lt. Faulkner can also share with you information on what happens to survival skills during a critical incident. 
  • John Stanley - joined us about seven years ago when we were conducting CCH Classes in Minden. John is with the Office of Emergency Preparedness in Webster. John has researched extensively the application process for obtaining a CCH permit from the state and does a fine job sharing his knowledge with you in that area in our course. John also assists us with range safety. 
  • Lane Whitehead - retired from LA Dept. of Public Safety / Corrections, and whom Butch and I have known for many years , has just joined us this year and is going to be a big help with GETS in logistics, records and computer technology.

All of us have been involved in serious situations where the training we have received has made it possible for us to be here today. We, thru GETS, would like to share our survival skills and techniques to those who are interested in not being a victim.

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the necessary skills to be more confident and competent in keeping themselves and others safe.

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