Monday, Oct 23rd - Friday, Oct 27th, 2017
Wperc Building - 109 Clerk St. - Minden, LA
After completion of course, participants will be Instructors for the largest Use of Force company in the world as Threat Pattern Recognition (TRP) and Defensive Tactics (DT) Instructors
Don't miss this first TRP/DT Instructor class in the state of Louisiana

Carrying a Concealed Handgun Basic

Carrying Concealed Handgun Permit Class
Saturday / Homer, LA / 8:00AM – 5:00PM

 A Nonrefundable $62 Registration Fee is Required per Attendee
 No Checks - PayPal, Cash, Cashiers Check, Or Money Order Only!

 Class Size is Limited to 50 - Reservations Processed upon Receipt of Payment
Payment Must Be Received By Wednesday Before the Class

Class Information:

  • Unloaded Firearms Only Allowed In ClassroomClassroom & Range
  • No Ammunition Allowed In Classroom
  • Participants Need 72 Rounds Of Ammunition, (Or 2 Boxes Of 50 Rds), to Complete Range Course
  • Classroom Portion and Range Session Will be Held at David Wade Correctional Center Training Facility & Range
  • No Single Action Revolvers or Weapons Having Barrels Longer Than 4”
  • Please bring Eye & Ear Protection if available and a Sack Lunch & Drink.

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CCH Class Contents

Our Class will Cover The Following :

  • Basic Rules of Firearms Safety
  • CCH Rules, Regulations, & Guidelines
  • La Criminal Code - Laws Govering CCH
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Basic Rules of Firearms Safety
  • Basic Nomenclature of Firearms & Ammunition
  • Loading And Reloading
  • Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Range Rules and Course of Fire


CCH Firearm Safety & Instruction

Always Practice "Safety First" When Using Firearms:gun-hand-rt

  • Treat All Guns As If They Are Loaded
  • Point Muzzle In Safe Direction
  • Keep Finger Off Of Trigger Until Ready To Fire
  • Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

CCH Instruction - "What You Need to Know":

  • Where Should You Store Or Secure Your Firearms At Home?
  • Permit Shall Be Retained By The Permittee Who Shall Immediately Produce It Upon The Request Of Any Law Enforcement Officer - What You must Do In This Instance?
  • Permit May Be Revoked When The Permittee Is Carrying And Concealing A Handgun - Under What Circumstances?
  • A Valid Permit In Another State Is Valid In Louisiana IF?
  • What 11 States Do Not Honor Louisiana Permits?
  • Locations Where Concealed Handguns are Prohibited?
  • Obtaining and Placing Yard Security Signs ("Nothing Inside - Worth Dying For")
  • Louisiana Criminal Statutes - What Justifies the Use of a Firearm?

Golden Eagle Training & Safety

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the necessary skills to be more confident and competent in keeping themselves and others safe.

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