Mon, Dec 4th - Fri, Dec 8th, 2017 - Minden
Mon, Dec 13th - Fri, Dec 15th, 2017 - Minden
Open to the Public - Men & Women - Protect Yourself & Your Family
Saturday, Dec 2nd - Hanyseville FD

Classes for School Resource Officers and Educational Staff

Certification Courses for School Administrators, Resource Officers and Staff:school2

  • Safe Schools Resource Officer (SRO) Training & Certifcation: Roles and Responsibilities, Juvenile Law, Search & Seizure, Classroom Management, Mentoring, Administrator Communications, Etc.    
  • Basic & Instructor Certification Classes in Human Factor Research School Safety ( Bullying) & Healthy Children
  • Disruptive Student Management  (DSM)

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Our School Resource Officer Program
was designed through collaboration with law enforcement officers, educators, school administrators, parents, students, and the court system.

Objectives include : the reduction of substance abuse, violence and all types of juvenile crime. 

School Safety & Healthy Children  Program was designed to Enhance the safety, health and education of our children is one of the primary missions of our educational system. Federal, State and local governments have injected billions of dollars toward this mission resulting in unequaled success. But as with any profession in a dynamic environment, maintaining a safe and healthy environment in the schools requires constant refinement.

School Safety Program


Golden Eagle Training & Safety

facebook2Providing the Public, School Administrators/Staff and Law EnforcementSkype
the necessary skills to be more confident and competent in keeping themselves and others safe.

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