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Monday, Oct 23rd - Friday, Oct 27th, 2017
Wperc Building - 109 Clerk St. - Minden, LA
After completion of course, participants will be Instructors for the largest Use of Force company in the world as Threat Pattern Recognition (TRP) and Defensive Tactics (DT) Instructors
Don't miss this first TRP/DT Instructor class in the state of Louisiana


To Provide the Public, School Administrators/Staff and Law Enforcement
the necessary skills to be more confident and competent in keeping themselves and others safe.

Providing any type of survival skill to anyone, any agency and/or institution, so that it may one day possibly save lives
during a critical incident, whether it is with a firearm or empty hand techniques through our CCH Classes or other courses.

Law Enforcement

Certification for Law Enforcement & Corrections:

  • PPCT Defensive Tactics
  • PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense (SKD)
  • PPCT Ground Avoidance & Ground Escape (GAGE)
  • PPCT Pressure Point Control
  • PPCT Collapsible Baton & Straight Baton
  • PPCT Side Handle Baton (SHB)
  • PPCT Weapon Retention & Disarming

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Classes for the Public

Certified Instructor/Trainers for civilian classes including:

  • Carrying a Concealed Handgun (CCH)
  • Women’s Gun Safety
  • Men’s Gun Safety
  • Women’s Self-Defense
  • Men’s Self-Defense
  • Women’s Safety
  • Home & Travel Security
  • Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention (SHARP)

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School Resources

Certification Courses for School Resource Officers and Staff:

  • Safe Schools Resource Officer (SRO) Training & Certifcation: Roles and Responsibilities, Juvenile Law, Search & Seizure, Classroom Management, Mentoring, Administrator Communications, Etc.    
  • Basic & Instructor Certification Classes in Human Factor Research School Safety ( Bullying) & Healthy Children
  • Disruptive Student Management  (DSM)

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