Fundraiser a rousing success

Proceeds to help fund trip to Washington DC

The Guardian Journal photo/Jenni Williams

Athens Masonic Lodge, in partnership with Homer Fire Department, assist Summerfield High School student Xavier Greeson in his endeavor to raise enough funds to attend the Junior National Youth Leadership Conference this September in Washington, D.C. Pictured left, Greeson jumps right in by helping prepare the fish plates volunteers at the Homer Fire station were selling to the public last Friday. Pictured above, Xavier’s grandfather, Sonny Greeson and Dwayne Woodard have fun cooking fish and serving up plates during the event.


JENNI WILLIAMS, The Guardian-Journal

Xavier Greeson, a sixth-grade student at Summerfield High School, was recently nominated to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference this fall in Washington, DC.

To help Greeson reach his goal, many activities have been planned, including a recent fish fry.

Greeson was presented a check for $1,600 from Masonic Lodge member Perry Anderson last Friday after the day’s earnings had been tallied from the benefit fish fry held at Homer Fire Department.

In fact, the fish fry was so successful, several trips were made back to Homer Seafood for more cases of fish.

“We began with five cases of fish,” Greg Greeson, Xavier’s father, said, “but we had to go back for at least three more cases.”

The Athens Masonic Lodge, along with members of the Homer Fire Department, spent the day preparing fish and all the fixings to help Greeson raise these necessary funds to attend the conference in D.C.

Greeson was nominated by his teacher, Clara Evans, based on his academic achievements, leadership skills and strength of character, and was selected by the committee in Washington D.C. to be one of the attendees.

He will be attending the conference September 19 through 24 and will be proudly representing his school, Claiborne Parish and Louisiana in this prestigious event.

In order to cover his expenses, Greeson has been asking for donations, in addition to many fundraising projects currently underway. He has been selling decorative flip-flops, jewelry, candles, etc to help raise money.

A checking account has been set up in his name at Capital One Bank in Homer to handle donations and trip expenses.

Greeson and his family would like to thank the Athens Masonic Lodge No. 136 F. & A.M. for all the time and dedication in this endeavor.

He would also like to thank the citizens and businesses of Claiborne Parish who purchased the fish plates and those that just donated money to help him get to Washington.

Many people donated not just their money, but also time, supplies and a helping hand.

O’Neal Gas, one of the many businesses willing to lend one of those hands, supplied the necessary propane and cookers for the event

If any questions, please feel free to contact Samantha Greeson at 353-7012.


Two arrested in G-Fashions burglary


The Guardian-Journal

Two arrests have been made in connection to a burglary at G-Fashions, a clothing store.

Tracy T. Crawford, 39, of Homer, was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, with a bond set at $5,000; theft over $500, with a bond set at $10,000; simple burglary, with a bond set at $15,000; and a parole violation with no bond.

Spencer U. Dunn, 21, of Homer, was arrested and charged with illegal possession of stolen things, with a bond set at $10,000; and obstruction of justice, with a bond of $5,000.

According to police reports, the burglary of G-Fashions was reported on Monday, July 6. On the date that Crawford was arrested, reports say that Homer Police Officers Roger Smith and Van McDaniel were looking for Crawford to question him in regards to the burglary. Although he did not admit to being involved in the burglary itself, police say Crawford admitted that he was with someone involved the night of the burglary.

Reportedly, Dunn was in possession of some of the stolen items from the clothing store.

Homer Police Chief Russell Mills said that although two arrests have been made in the case, other arrests are pending.

In other news, a former Homer town employee has been arrested on drug charges.

James E. Brown, 70, of Homer, was arrested and charged with possession of a Schedule II Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS), with a bond set at $5,000; and resisting an officer, with bond set at $500.

According to police reports, Officer Mario Thomas initiated a traffic stop on Saturday, July 18, for no turn signal. When Thomas made contact with the driver of the vehicle, identified as Brown, a strong odor of what appeared to be alcohol was detected on Brown’s person.

Brown underwent a field sobriety test to which he performed poorly. Brown was placed under arrest and a search of his person revealed what appeared to be crack rocks in his hat, reports say.

According to town officials, Brown was terminated the week before this incident. His termination followed a previous incident reported to Homer Police. No charges were filed in that case.

Brown was booked at the Claiborne Parish Detention Center (CPDC).

Officer Steve Harbour was also an investigating officer in this case.

In an unrelated incident, on Monday, July 13, Nathan Carpenter, 24, of Homer, was arrested and charged with domestic abuse battery, with a bond of $2,000; and illegal carrying of weapons, with bond set at $5,000.

According to reports, Homer Police Officer J.D. Faulkner, along with Officers John Bailey and Thomas responded to a call on Buckner Street in reference to a domestic battery. Upon arrival, officers were met by the complainant stating that Carpenter had pushed her and tried to choke her. It was also reported that he had a handgun. Carpenter had left the premises, and officers found him a short time later.

Carpenter was placed under arrest and transported him to the Homer Police Station for booking, and then transported to the CPDC.


Mayfield Pool to reopen July 27


The Mayfield Pool will reopen Monday, July 27, at 1 p.m. Pool hours will be from 1 until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.  On Saturdays, pool hours are from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. For more information, please call Homer City Hall at 927-3555.


Haynesville welcomes new council members


JENNI WILLIAMS, The Guardian-Journal

Haynesville Mayor Sherman Brown welcomed the newest council members, Valinda Webb and Barbara Torrence, councilwomen covering the districts of 1 and 3, respectively, their first meeting with the Haynesville Town Council.

Council members recently attended the annual LMA (Louisiana Municipal Association) District Meeting in Arcadia. All members were able to attend the meeting other than Mayor Brown and Councilwoman Webb.

Various dignitaries were able to attend the annual rally, including Senator Robert Adley.  Council member Carla Smith remembers, “Senator Adley was one of the highlights of the night, as he gave many compliments to our state.”

Although unable to attend Mayor Brown commented, “Being an educator myself, I thoroughly recommend workshops and seminars such as these if it benefits our town. The time and effort spent by attending is more than worth it.”

“I really appreciated the opportunity to attend an event such as this,” Councilman Brian Bogle concluded.

The 2009-2010 council appointments were decided on - Herbert Taylor was recommended for Mayor Pro Tem and was unanimously carried. Taylor, along with Carla Smith, was also nominated for the Finance Committee, an individual or individuals that would need to review the Town’s finances and invoices on a regular monthly basis.

“I’ll do the best I can,” Taylor said.

Mayor Brown also asked Penny Fields to carry on as Town Clerk for another four years. The council approved the nomination and Fields was reappointed to Town Clerk.

Danny Newell was also recommended by Brown to be retained as Town Attorney of record. The council voted unanimously to retain Newell for another four years.

Brown recommended C.W. Williams to be appointed to the position of Public Works Superintendent. The council voted unanimously and the recommendation passed.

Resolution 9.430 Millage was brought before the board to be renewed for the year 2009.

“Resolution - be it resolved that the following millages are hereby levied on the 2009 tax role on all properties subject to taxation by the Town of Haynesville 9.430 mills.

Be it further resolved that the proper administrative officials of the Town of Haynesville, Parish of Claiborne, State of Louisiana be and they are hearby empowered, authorized and directed to spread said taxes as hear and above set forth upon the assessment role of said parish for the year of 2009  and to make the collection of taxes imposed for and on behalf of the taxing authority according to law and that the taxes herein levied shall be come a permanent lien and privilege on all  properties subject to taxation as herein set forth and collection thereof shall be enforced in a manner provided by law.”

The resolution was adopted as read by a unanimous vote by the council.

“Resolution No. 2 - be it resolved that the following millages are hearby levied on the 2009 tax role on all properties subject to taxation by the Town of Haynesville for the purpose of improving and maintaining the sewage system and streets. Millage Town of Haynesville 4.800 mills. Be it further resolved that the proper administrative officials of the Town of Haynesville, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, be and they are hearby empowered, authorized and  directed to spread said taxes as herein set forth upon the assessment role of said Town for the year of 2009 and to make said collection of the taxes imposes for and behalf of the taxing authority according to law and that the taxes herein levied shall become a permanent lien and privilege on all properties subject to taxation as herein set forth and collection thereof shall be enforced in a manner provided by law.”

A motion was made to adopt the resolution and the council voted unanimously to pass the resolution.

In other business, the public is reminded that the next Citizen Advisory Committee’s  (CAC) meeting is scheduled for August 3 at 6 p.m. in the council chambers.

Also, the Water Distribution System project is approximately 85 percent complete and the contractors are expected to be completed and out of town be the end of August.

The Haynesville Lions Club has approved the town’s request of displaying American flags for five separate holidays throughout the year, including Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, July 4, Flag Day and Memorial Day.

Area businesses would be required to pay an annual fee of $20 to help install the flagpoles and flags, maintain both, and replacement of any damaged flags.

Mayor Brown brought to the attention of the council and public the continuing issue of citizens cluttering up the town’s roadways while on foot. He has instructed Police Chief Anthony Smith to take whatever means necessary to take care of this issue even to the point of issuing citations.

Brown asks the public to please make use of the provided sidewalks or shoulder of the road. “We have too good of a town for a few people to be as disruptive as that.”

The Haynesville Police Department  has volunteered its services by removing abandoned cars on area properties. If in need of this service, contact the police department for further information. Funds raised by the removal of these vehicles will be placed in the town’s Christmas fund.

Mayor Brown was able to report that as of meeting time, the Town of Haynesville has been the recipient of six of eight federal grants that have been submitted to the state. The other two have not been turned down, they are just in transition and awaiting approval.

All total, these six grants already received total over $112,000. Brown, along with the council and citizens of the town want to recognize Senator Mike Walsworth. “I cannot give the Senator enough credit, because he has been a major pusher for us,” Brown stated. “He has even contacted me directly to negotiate terms to be able to at least receive half of a grant we might not have otherwise received.”

The Town of Haynesville has also submitted a stimulus grant proposal to Washington for funding to make street improvements and improvements to the Haynesville Fire station, including the addition of three new truck bays and renovating the existing building. This could assist in the town’s fire rating.

Claiborne Parish Fair business was brought before the board with the hopes of getting the word out that the fair board is currently in the planning stage of promoting Claiborne Parish made products at the annual fall fair.

The Fair will be inviting citizens who produce any product made in Claiborne Parish to set up a booth at the fair free of charge to promote their product, be it selling the actual product or advertising for orders.

Anyone interested may contact any member of the Claiborne Parish Fair Board or Carla Smith with the Haynesville Town Council.

The next town council meeting will be held at 6 p.m., August 20, in council chambers, located behind city hall. For more information, please call city hall at 624-0911.


Town donates fans for elderly

The Guardian Journal photo/Jenni Williams

City Councilman Michael Wade, District 2, presented Sharon Willis with the Claiborne Parish Community Services, 15 box fans last Thursday. The fans were donated by the Town of Homer to the Community Center to be given to those in need. Wade, along with District 2, sponsored the event.


Foster Farms up and running


JENNI WILLIAMS, The Guardian-Journal

After a much anticipated return to the area, Foster Farms has officially taken over the Farmerville poultry plant.

Despite the blistering heat wave North Louisiana is experiencing, more than 300 invited individuals welcomed the new company with open arms.

Foster Farms took over the bankrupt Pilgrim’s Pride facility on Thursday, July 16.

After closing the doors ton May 9, interested individuals had been in a constant state of worry, while elected officials and private citizens did everything in their power to bring a new company into the idled plant.

Through these heroic efforts, Foster Farms was able to announce, on March 20 of this year, their intent to purchase the facility and even make the plant  more productive than ever before.

“Foster Farms kept Union Parish from being devastated from the lack of jobs and income,” Union Parish Sheriff Bob Buckley said in an interview with The Gazette in Farmerville.

The reopening of the now revitalized facility will have a tremendous impact not only on the Farmerville area, but all of north Louisiana. Many of the independent growers and local small business owners who depend on the producers are from right here in Claiborne Parish.

With some one million chickens being processed per week by the previous owner of the plant, Foster Farms is hoping to reach or far surpass that number, bringing much needed jobs to the area.

From poultry growers and transporters to plant employees, everyone has been waiting anxiously for this day to come.

The average grower operates five chicken houses, each able to hold 21,000 chickens per growing cycle. Each house can produce 105,000 boilers a year based on a 10-week cycle, with the birds growing to about six pounds in just more than an eight week period of time.

That’s a total growing capacity of about 158 million birds a year, or 3.15 million a week for the 60 contract growers previously contracted through the Pilgrim’s Pride plant.

Fosters Farm hasn’t said how long it will take to reach that capacity, but has indicated it hopes to have more than 1,100 people back on payroll in the Farmerville plant.

The plant hopes to move 1.2 million birds per week by late September. The company has confirmed it will sign contracts  at this time only with growers that are the easiest  to supply with feed - in most cases, the ones closest to the feed plant.

The company will also most likely supply the growers with only 20,000 birds instead of the usual 21,000 in an effort to contract for more houses and get more people back in employee.

Foster Farms CEO Ron Foster welcomed Farmerville to the Foster Family, saying, “We are a family-owned, family -run business and on behalf of my family, we would like to say ‘Welcome to Foster Farms, Farmerville.’”

To date, Foster Farms has invested approximately $4.4 million in facility upgrades, including $500,000 in updating the drainage system alone.

The company also said it plans to spend an additional $10 million on technology and equipment to get the site up to “Foster Farms standard.”



Claiborne Parish tourism initiative is underway


JIMMY DEAN, Feature Writer

The Claiborne Chamber of Commerce has put together an assortment of materials to highlight where to go and what to do and see in Claiborne Parish. “Whether you’re a visitor or a local resident,Brochures and the Two Disc Driving CD available at several area locations - Click to Visit Claiborne Parish has a driving tour CD set that you will find interesting,” says John Watson, Executive Director of the Chamber.

“The CD is one part of a major initiative aimed at helping others see and appreciate what is wonderful about Claiborne Parish,” Watson notes.

Asked what else is a part of the initiative, Watson explains that a colorful tourism brochure has been prepared. In addition,  there is a new website

Also, a cemetery brochure includes a map of the parish with the locations of 156 cemeteries in the parish or within a few miles of the parish line.

Finally, television ads have appeared describing Claiborne Parish as a desirable tourist destination.

Describing the tourism brochure, Watson says it highlights points of interest in Homer, Haynesville, Athens, Lisbon, Summerfield, and other areas of Claiborne Parish. It points out that 10 buildings in the parish are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The brochure includes pictures of the Claiborne Parish Courthouse, Herbert S. Ford Museum, Lisbon’s Killgore House, the mural on the west wall of Haynesville’s Killgore Pharmacy,  Homer’s Old Town Cemetery, the Hill Farm, Summerfield’s Alberry Wasson House, and Lake Claiborne.

The cover of the “Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, Cemetery Guide” notes that it is intended to be “A guide to finding the resting places of your ancestors.” A brief description gives directions for each of the 156 cemeteries There is also a map in the brochure marking the approximate location of each.

The new tourism website,, describes Lake Claiborne State Park and lists local lodging such as Panther Creek Bed and Breakfast at Summerfield and Lake Claiborne Vacation Cottage on Harmon Loop.

The website describes “eateries” such as the Rebel Stop and Moon’s toward Summerfield, Port-au-Prince on Lake Claiborne, Sunrise Bakery and Restaurant and Homer Seafood and Pizza as well as Yesterday’s Grill in Haynesville.

Highlights related to Homer, Haynesville, Lisbon, Athens, Summerfield, and the parish’s historic cemeteries are all mentioned on the website.

Some parish events are plugged including the Butterfly Festival, the Claiborne Jubilee, the 4th of July Fireworks and Boat Parade, Lake Claiborne Antique Auto and Bike Show, and the Christmas Festival.

The set consists of two CDs with 41 tracks of information highlighting areas of interest around the parish. For only $3 visitors or local residents can learn things about Claiborne Parish that’s not in the history books, stories passed down from grandparents to grandchildren that has become the stuff of local legend and lore.

Of course, the internet website is free as is the tourism brochure. With the cemetery guide available for $1 and the driving CD sets for $3, the whole tourism package is available for $4, a token cost to cover expenses of production.

Many local citizens donated many hours to the brochures, the cemetery guide, the driving CDs, and the website.

Brochures and CD sets are available at the following locations:

* The Grapevine

* The Raven Bookstore

* Port-au-Prince Restaurant

* Killgore Pharmacy

* The Rebel Stop

* Claiborne Parish Library

* Gibsland Bank and Trust, Athens

* The Chamber Office at Ford Museum

Brochures only are available at the following:

* Miss Lizzie’s

* Parden’s Paradise

* Courtyard Florist

* Lake Claiborne State Park

* Haynesville City Hall

* The Outpost

* The Guardian-Journal


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Archived Guardian Journal Headlines & News Briefs from November 1999

News Briefs

Homer Lions Club to meet July 23

The Homer Lions Club will meet at noon at Nicky’s Mexican restaurant. Lisa Bailey, with Agape Hospice Group, will be the speaker. All members are encouraged to attend and bring a guest.


Mt. Olive Christian School Rodeo July 24-25

The 27th annual Mt. Olive Christian School Rodeo will be held this year at the Gantt Arena in Athens. General admission is $10 and children 10 and under are free. Advanced tickets are $8 and are available at Patton’s Western Wear in Ruston and Ruston Tractor. For more information, advanced tickets or directions to the arena, call 318-843-4103 or 318-258-5487.


Homer Town Council to meet August 3

The Homer Town Council will hold its regular monthly meeting at 6 p.m. in council chambers located at the Homer Police Station. For more information, please call city hall at 927-3541.


Police Jury to meet August 5

The Claiborne Parish Police Jury will hold its regular monthly meeting at 9 a.m. in the police jury room. For more information, please call the police jury office at 927-2222.


Pupil Progression Plan meeting to be held August 6

The Claiborne Parish School Board will revise and adopt the 2009-10 Pupil Progression Plan at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. This plan sets local policy for promotion, retention, graduation and testing of students in the Claiborne Parish Schools during the next year. A draft plan will be available for public view and comments in the Claiborne Parish School Board office, 415 East Main Street, Homer, during regular business hours. For more information, please call 927-3502.


School board to meet August 6

The Claiborne Parish School Board will hold its regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m. in the board meeting room at Central Office. For more information, please call the school board at 927-3502.


Homer Lions Club to meet August 13

The Homer Lions Club will meet at Nicky’s Mexican restaurant. Linda Volentine, of the Ford Museum, will be the guest speaker. All members are encouraged to attend and bring a guest.


Mom’s Day Out August 8, 15

Homer Childhood Learning Center presents Mom’s Day Out from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The cost is $20 per child. Breakfast, lunch and a snack will be provided. Daily scheduled time for arts and crafts, circle time with songs and books, free play time, outdoor activities and short movie time. Your child does not have to be an enrolled child at the learning center to participate. Please register today by calling Alecia Smith and Bwinichi Winzer at 927-6945.


Haynesville Town Council to meet August 20

The Haynesville Town Council will hold its regular monthly meeting at 6 p.m. in council chambers located behind city hall. For more information, please call city hall at 624-0911.


Homer Lions Club to meet August 23

The Homer Lions Club will meet at noon at Nicky’s Mexican Restaurant. Congressman John Fleming, of the 4th Congressional District, will be the guest speaker. All members are encouraged to attend and bring a guest.


Childcare Reimbursements

Anyone providing childcare in their home, including relatives and grandparents who would like to be reimbursed for a portion of their food expense is asked to call the Webster Parish Community Services at 377-7022, ext. 116 or 117. The WPCS Food Program is now serving Webster, Claiborne, Bossier and Caddo Parishes.


Elder Abuse and Neglect-serious common problem

Elder Abuse is the mistreatment or neglect of an elderly person. Elder Abuse may include: physical violence, threats of assault, verbal abuse, financial exploitation, emotional abuse, or neglect. Elder Abuse is an extremely serious problem. Many victims are ashamed or unable to report abuse-or fearful of reprisal if they do. Report suspected cases of elder abuse by calling the Claiborne Council on Aging at 927-6922 or 800-259-5284.


J.T. Taylor RealtyJ.T. Taylor Realty/Dimex Sales - Now Online

J.T. Taylor Realty has provided Real Estate Sales and Buyer Representation in Homer, Haynesville and Claiborne Parish for Commercial, Residential and Timberland Properties since 1984.

For over 10 years, Dimex Sales has offered a full line of Portable Buildings for Home, Home/Office, Construction Sites, and Storage needs.


Team Ag Real Estate - New Claiborne One Sponsor

TeamAgRealEstate.comTeam Ag Real Estate is proud to be a new sponsor of the information source for All of Claiborne Parish - Claiborne One. Based in El Dorado, Arkansas with an associate in North West Arkansas (Lincoln - Home of the Arkansas Apple Festival), Team Ag Real Estate specializes in agricultural farm (including Poultry/chicken farm) sales and appraisals. Team Ag is licensed in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma & Missouri for farm buying, selling and appraisals. Team Ag supports their clients with years of hands on experience in the poultry business, formal education degrees in Business-Agriculture, SBA agricultural lending, and an impressive network of agriculture industry contacts.

Claiborne One Site Now Features Area Image Archive

Archives Now Online include:

Money Available for New or Expanding Businesses in Homer

The Claiborne Chamber of Commerce now has monies to lend through the Revolving Loan Program. Anyone who is interested in starting a business or enlarging an existing business within Claiborne Parish may be eligible. These funds were received from the USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant Program to assist small businesses and provide for jobs in Claiborne Parish. Loan preferences will be made on the basis of job creation. Further information may be obtained by contacting John Watson, Executive Director of the Claiborne Chamber of Commerce at (318) 927-3271. The Claiborne Chamber of Commerce is an equal opportunity provider. To file a complaint of discrimination write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Ave. S.W. Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call (800) 795-3272 (voice) or (202) 720-6382 (TDD).

Smoke Detectors For The Elderly Offered through TRIAD

TRIAD of Claiborne wants all seniors age 65 and above, to have a smoke detector. You may also qualify if you're disabled. Having a smoke detector can mean the difference of life or death. Smoke detectors are available without charge. If you don't have a smoke detector, call 927-2011.


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