Town Reverses One-Way By Post Office

BY SUSAN T. HERRING, Editor, The Guardian-Journal

††††††††††† The Homer Town Council approved a proposal by Postmaster Karen Collins at their regular meeting on Monday, September 13 to reverse the direction of traffic on West 2nd, the one-way street next to the Homer Post Office. Traffic presently runs from north to south, from North 2nd to North Main. Once the Post Office moves the three outside mail receptacles to the opposite side of the street, the Town will change the direction of traffic to south to north, from North Main to North 2nd. The street will continue to be a one-way street allowing residents to drive up to the mail receptacles to drop off their mail.

††††††††††† Collins said reversing the direction of traffic would help eliminate the safety issue for vehicles entering North Main due to limited visibility at the intersection and the heavier traffic on North Main. It would also not disturb the parking beside The Guardian-Journal, but would add additional parking spaces for the post office.Fire Department vehicles would also have a faster route when responding to emergencies on the north side of town.

Council To Respond To Discrimination Suit

BY SUSAN T. HERRING, Editor, The Guardian-Journal

††††††††††† The Homer Town Council met in executive session at their regular meeting Monday, September 13, 2004 to discuss the lawsuit filed by three former town employees against Mayor Huey Dean and all five councilmen, J. C. Moore, Billy Kirk Jenkins, Johnette Faulkner, Thomas McDonald, and Jesse Ford.

††††††††††† Debra S. Sarpy, Linda K. Robinson, and Linsey E. Jones filed a complaint for employment discrimination, alleging that they had been let go by the Town because they were black. All three had been let go at a special called meeting of the Town Council on February 20, 2003 as a means of addressing the Town's cash situation. At the time, Dean said once fund balances are brought back, these cuts could be restored.

Armed Robbery Suspect Nabbed In Florida

Juvenile Arrested For Theft, Town Inspector Sentenced

††††††††††† Kenneth Wayne McDaniel, 37, was arrested September 7 by the Homer Police Department and charged with simple escape and armed robbery. He was booked into the Claiborne Parish Detention Center on $100,000 bond for the armed robbery at the Hillside Motel on October 19, 2003. McDaniel and two other suspects allegedly knocked on the door of Room 17, which was occupied by Pablo Alvarado and Rodrigo Perez Castillo.

††††††††††† When they opened the door, two black males with guns and one black female forced their way into the room, took approximately $360 from their wallets, searched the room for more money, cut the phone cord, then left the motel on foot. Castillo immediately went to the motel office and called 911. At that time, he saw the suspects drive off in a gray Chevy Lumina.

††††††††††† On November 18, 2003, Homer Police officers arrested McDaniel. While he was being booked, the door which had been locked was opened briefly to allow a citizen to pick up some license plates. McDaniel slipped out the door, still with handcuffs on one wrist.

††††††††††† The Homer Police Department put out a bulletin through NCIC, the National Crime Information Center. Earlier this month, authorities in Florida picked McDaniel up on a minor traffic stop. They ran his fingerprints through the computer and discovered there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Florida authorities contacted the Homer Police Department, who in turn contacted the U.S. Marshall's office to make arrangements to have McDaniel transported back to Louisiana.

††††††††††† On Tuesday, September 7, Homer Police Officers Jim Faulkner and Gregory Pickens drove toAlexandria to pick up McDaniel.

††††††††††† The other male suspect, Nicholas Gilbert, 25, of Homer, was arrested October 22, 2003 and charged with armed robbery. His bond was also set at $100,000. He wastransferred November 13, 2003 to the Bayou Dorcheat Detention Center where is presently being held. According to Captain Donald Malray, the investigation is ongoing concerning the third party involved with the robbery. Other arrests could be forthcoming.

††††††††††† One juvenile from the Mt. Sinai Community was arrested by the Claiborne Parish Sheriff's Office according to Sheriff Ken Bailey and charged with two counts of burglary of an inhabited dwelling and one count of attempted burglary of an inhabited dwelling.

The Sheriff's Office received a report of a burglary on Walston Road on June 21, 2004. Walston Road is located off Alt. 2 east of Colquitt. Two attempted burglaries were later reported on Walston Road, one on August 3 and one on September 9. By the time Lt. David Crump, Deputy Ben Booth and Detective Duffy Gandy arrived on the scene September 9, the suspect had fled. A follow up investigation by Juvenile Officer Ben Booth on the attempted burglary on September 9 led to the juvenile's arrest.

††††††††††† Former Town Inspector Travis Beebe was sentenced by District Judge Jenifer Clason on Wednesday, September 8 to a five-year suspended sentence, three years supervised probation, and ordered to pay full restitution of $8,300 to the Town of Homer, plus fine and court costs. Beebe was arrested by the Louisiana State Police on March 11, 2004 and charged with one count of felony theft of Town funds he allegedly took while he was employed by the Town of Homer

Recall Awaits Ruling By Supreme Court

BY SUSAN T. HERRING, Editor, The Guardian-Journal

††††††††††† Attorneys Carlos Prudhomme and Larry English mailed an appeal on Friday, September 10 to the Louisiana Supreme Court asking they overturn a lower court ruling issued by the Second Circuit Court of Appeal in Shreveport on September 8. Three judges ruled to dismiss the appeal of an August 26 ruling by District Court Judge Jenifer Clason. Judges ††††††††††† Caraway, Moore and Brown concurred that under the provisions of Section 1409 of the Election Code, Recall Chairman Lurry D. Crew had received ample notice of the August 26 judgment but that the appealfiled on Wednesday, September 1 came too late. Judge Brown agreed with Judge Clason's ruling that the failure or refusal to provide the names on the recall petition was an illegality that affected the validity of the recall.

††††††††††† Judges Stewart and Gaskins dissented the majority ruling. Stewart stated the main complaint that Wilson and Crew did not comply with their custodial requirements fell under the public records law. Gaskins said it was unfair to penalize the litigants by requiring their strict compliance with the time limitations since from the inception of this lawsuit, the times set out under the election law were disregarded.

††††††††††† The appeal mailed Friday, was received by the Louisiana Supreme Court in New Orleans on Monday, September 13. According to Clerk John Olivia, the Supreme Court has no deadline for issuing a ruling, only that they handle the case expeditiously. If the Court refuses to consider the appeal, the case is over. Otherwise, the Court will set a hearing for arguments.

††††††††††† As of Tuesday, September 14, the offices of the Supreme Court were closed. The city was being evacuated in preparation for the possibility of being hit by Hurricane Ivan. Olivia said if the storm misses them, they could be back in the office by Thursday, September 16 and could make a decision as early as Friday, September 17.

††††††††††† A decision must be made by September 22 in order for the recall election to be included on the November 2, 2004 general/primary presidential election.

Architect Presents Options For Homer School Project

BY SUSAN T. HERRING, Editor, The Guardian-Journal

††††††††† School Superintendent James Scriber told members of the Homer School Project Oversight Committee he felt the innuendo that he was either incompetent or had neglected his duty concerning the Homer School project was undeserved. Scriber explained in detail what he had done concerning the school project since he took over as superintendent in June.

††††††††††† At their May meeting, the School Board rejected a $3.8 million bid to construct a junior high building attached to the north side of the existing high school building because the bid was well over the remaining bond monies. At a meeting held on June 21, Scriber said he made it clear at that meeting, that he thought the Board should do what the people voted on_to construct the junior high on the same campus with the high school, to build a track, and to renovate the high school. At that time he asked for some time to see how he could make it work.

††††††††††† Several suggested at that meting that more tax money might be needed, so he checked into both a property tax and a sales tax. They needed to explore every avenue of funding before making a decision.

††††††††††† Presently there is $2.8 million in bond money. In January, there will be $600,000 available in District 13 maintenance funds and we have $300,000 in federal QZAB monies that we can borrow, interest free, for renovation projects only.

††††††††††† Regarding the comment thatindicated there was an unnecessary delay, he asked the question, "Why was the junior high project not bid with the elementary project?" Bill Owens, co-chairman of the Oversight Committee, said he would like to know the answer to that question as well.

Claiborne, Webster Police Juries To Hold Joint Meeting

BY SUSAN T. HERRING, Editor, The Guardian-Journal

††††††††††† Dr. James Robert Michael gave the Jury a brief update on the status of the Flat Lick Lake project at their work session on Wednesday, September 8. He said it was doing to be necessary to build two dams on Flat Lick. One would back water up to this side of Lewisville Road. The other dam would be near Flat Lick Road.

††††††††††† Michael stressed the importance of appointing people to the Watershed Commission who would be willing to work, because he said it was going to take a lot of work to complete the lake project and the Watershed Commission would be the logical body to oversee it.

††††††††††† Besides the lake development itself, they need to look at building a welcome center on Garrett Mountain with landscaping, restore some of the hardwoods, renovate the buildings around the Square, beautify the railroad depot and the area between the Square and the city limits, and work with the Housing Authority to get good housing.

††††††††††† Michael said he, Herb Byars and Alice Stewart would be glad to serve on an advisory committee once the project gets started. He did not know the timetable, but some time soon the Governor would give permission to issue bonds for construction of the lakes. Bond funds would include $2 million per year for operating expenses.

††††††††††† At the regular meeting on Thursday, September 9, Scott Davidson said Michael informed him his committee would be meeting with the Governor and/or her representative at the end of September or first of October. They were also planning to hold a joint meeting of both Claiborne and Webster Parish Police Juries, Webster and Claiborne Parish Watershed Commissions, and all legislatorswho represent this area at the LSU AgCenter building across from Wal-Mart in Minden on Monday, September 20 at 6 PM.

Homer Wal-Mart To Host Diabetes Awareness Program

Saturday, September 18, 10 AM-4 PM

††††††††††† Wal-Mart in Homer will host a Diabetes Awareness Program on Saturday, September 18 from 10 AM - 4 PM. Demonstrations will be given on how to use a glucometer and foot care. There will be free health screenings for blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol from 11 AM - 3 PM. Each person will receive a diabetes resource book. Product samples and educational information will also be available. For more information, call the Wal-Mart Pharmacy at 927-9055.

Poverty Point Culture Program To Be Held

At Ford Museum

††††††††† Have you ever wondered what life was like in Louisiana one hundred, one thousand, or even ten thousand years ago? The stories of past Louisiana residents lie just below our feet. Louisiana has more than 15,000 archaeological sites that have given archaeologists insight into our vast cultural heritage. Archaeologists will share the results of their research during the seventeenth annual Louisiana Archaeology Week sponsored by the Louisiana Division of Archaeology from September 26 through October 2.

††††††††††† Residents of Claiborne Parish will have an opportunity to learn about the Poverty Point culture in Louisiana and Mississippi that dates back to 3,000 years ago from one of the experts during archaeology week this year.†††

††††††††††† The Ford Museum in Homer will host a presentation by Dr. Joe Saunders, Regional Archaeologist for Northeast Louisiana on Sunday, September 26 at 2 PM. Dr. Saunders is currently at University of Louisiana at Monroe and has conducted extensive research on early mound building cultures of the southeastern United States.

††††††††††† Guests are invited to bring any objects they may have found for identification. For more information on the program, call the Ford Museum at 927-9190.††

Trailblazer Opens Recycling Centers At Schools

Trail Blazer

††††††††††† Principal Pat Lee met with Trailblazer Board member Jimmy Marsalis April 9 to set up a mixed office paper collection center at Homer Elementary School. Collection centers were also set up at Haynesville Elementary School and the Claiborne Parish Alternative School. In cooperation with the 4-H Extension office, Trailblazer will be conducting programs on recycling for area schools, garden clubs, and other civic groups who wish to participate. The first presentation will be at Haynesville Elementary Monday, September 20. Students will be told about the wise use of resources using the "3 R'sóReduce, Reuse, Recycle." To set up a presentation for your school or civic group, contact Jimmy Marsalis or Ellzey Simmons at 318-255-3554.


NOTICE: Deadline For Advertisements

No Later Than 5 p.m. On Mondays

All display and legal advertisements for The Guardian-Journal must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Monday of the week in which it is to appear. Classified ads will be received until 12 p.m (noon) on Tuesday prior to the Thursday publication date. Thank you for your cooperation.


Archived Guardian Journal Headlines & News Briefs from November 1999


News Briefs

Voters In Precincts 88, 96 Will Now Vote At Homer City Hall

Voters who vote at the Homer Elementary School, Precincts 88 and 96, will now be voting at Homer City Hall. According to Registrar of Voters Patricia Sanders, these voters will be receiving new ID cards in the mail this week. If you have any questions, please call the Registrar's Office at 927-3332. October 4th is the last day to register for the November 2 Presidential Election.

Athens High School Open House

Athens High School will be having Open House on the 23rd of September. There will be door prizes, as well as free drinks, popcorn, and sno-cones. We will also have a fire-truck, police car, and a moonwalk for the kids. We are asking parents to come and visit the classrooms and support their children's education. Time is schedule from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Voters Go To Polls Saturday For Marriage Amendment

The only item on the ballot this Saturday, September 18 in Claiborne Parish is a constitutional amendment (Act 926-2004) which defines marriage in Louisiana as the union of one man and one woman.

Claiborne Parish Super Bowl This Friday In Haynesville

The Homer High "Fighting" Pelicans will travel to Haynesville to take on the Haynesville High"Golden" Tornado in the Claiborne Parish Super Bowl on Friday, September 17. Kickoff is 7 PM. Cheerleaders at both schools will host a pep rally and bonfire Thursday night to get ready for the big game on Friday. In Haynesville it will be at the baseball field at 6:30 PM and in Homer behind the stadium at 7 PM.

CA To Host Riverfield Friday

Claiborne Academy Rebels will play Riverfield at home. Kickoff at 7 PM.

Junction City Travels To Gurdon

The Junction City Dragons will travel to Gurdon Friday night. Kickoff is 7:30 PM.

Triad Of Claiborne To Host Senior Citizen Expo Sept. 25

Triad of Claiborne will host the 2004 Senior Citizen Expo on Saturday, September 25 at Homer City Hall beginning with registration at 8:30 AM and ending with a free lunch at noon. The Expo will offer health checks; information on safety, scams, Medicare and Medicaid; entertainment; door prizes, interesting speakers, and good food. For more information call 927-2011.

Haynesville Town Council To Meet Thursday, Sept. 16,6 PM

The Haynesville Town Council will hold their regular meeting at 6 PMon Thursday, September 16.

Yesterday's Youngsters Annual Chicken Spaghetti Plate Sept. 28

Yesterday's Youngsters Annual Chicken and Spaghetti plates will be on sale September 28 from 11 AM to 1 PM at the First United Methodist Church. Tickets are $6 and can be purchased from Odessa Roberts at 927-2463, Bobbie Sindle at 927-6820, or Geraldine Thurmon at 927-6388.

Claiborne Academy To Hold Teacher Conferences Sept. 17

Claiborne Academy will hold a Teacher's Conference on Friday, September 17 from 1-4 PM. If you would like to set up an appointment with your child's teacher, please call the school office at 927-2747. Deadline for making an appointment will be September 15 at 3 PM. School will be dismissed on September 17 at noon.

NOLA Campers, Good Sam Chapter, Looking For Members

NOLA Campers (Good Sam Chapter) is looking for new members who want to join their club and go camping. Contact Terry Trammell at 927-2509 for more information.

Piney Hills Classic Horse Show Set For September 25

The Piney Hills Classic Horse Show will be held Saturday, September 25 at 5 PM at the Haynesville Riding Arena, withTennessee Walking Horse, Saddlebred, Paint/Spotted Horse,and Stick-Horse competition. Admission is free. Concession available. Fun for entire family!

Claiborne Parish Watershed Commission To Meet Thursday, Sept. 16

The Claiborne Parish Watershed District will meet Thursday, Sept. 16 at 5:30 in the Police Jury Complex. The agenda will include drawdown projects (Lisbon landing repair, buoy repair, dam tree clearance), lake use permit proposal, response to Ground Water Resource's Commission's draft order declaring Ruston, Jonesboro-Hodge, and Monroe-West Monroe as Sparta Aquifer critical areas, Webster Watershed District Report, proposed role of watershed districts in proposal for lakes in Sparta Aquifer area. People wishing to volunteer for the Buoy Repair project, which will begin the week of September 13, should call Commissioner Roger Pemberton at 624-0264.

Willie Burns To Host Community Wide Cook Out Sat. September 25

Willie Burns Jr. will host a Community Cook Out at the Mayfield Park in Homer on Saturday, September 25 beginning at 4 PM. The purpose of the Cook Out is to allow community-wide fellowship while enjoying a meal of ribs, steak, chicken and hamburgers.

2004 Louisiana Chicken Festival Set For Sept. 24-Oct. 2 In Dubach

The 2004 Louisiana Chicken Festival is set for September 24 through October 2 in Dubach. The schedule of events includes a Baby Photo ContestSept. 23 (contact Jill Gossler at 777-9579), a Treasure Hunt with $350 prize(Clues on KPCH Radio), Art Show, Quilt Show, Antique Car Show, Parade, Chicken Cookery Contest, Beauty Pageant, Carnival, entertainment, food, and more.For more information, call Nancy Jensen at 318-777-9989.

Adult Education Night Classes To Begin In Late October

The Claiborne Parish Adult Education Center continues to enroll students for the 2004-2005 school year. The center, which is located on the Claiborne Vocational Technical College campus in Homer, is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM. Night class should begin around the middle or end of October. Anyone wishing to register for class may call 927-5302 to schedule enrollment. Students who are 17 years of age or older can prepare for the GED or receive remediation in reading, math or writing..

Congressman Jim McCrery Staff To Be In Homer September 22

Staff members for U. S. Congressman Jim McCrery will be in Claiborne Parish at the Homer Police Department on East Main at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, September 22 to assist his constituents who cannot visit his Shreveport office. These outreach visits provide assistance to citizens with questions about federal casework like Social Security benefits, veteran issues, grant applications, and any other federal issue.For more information, call 318-798-2254 or go to http:/

The Pinehill Water System Will Hold Annual Meeting September 20

The Pinehill Water System will hold its annual meeting on Monday, September 20 at 6 PM at the Claiborne Manor Nursing Home.

St. Jude Lake Claiborne Car & Bike Show Needs Donations

The St. Jude Lake Claiborne Car & Bike Show set for Saturday, October 2, 2004 at Lake Claiborne State Park is looking for donations, as well as items for the auction. They are also looking for cars, trucks, and bikes to enter in the show. Entry fee for cars and bikes is $20. There will be a silent auction, musical entertainment, lunch plates and games. All funds raised will go to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN in memory of Christian and Joseph Manzanares. All donations can be mailed to Rickey Bearden, 223 Beardsley, Homer, LA 71040. For more information, call Bearden at 927-9740. Last year, they had 78 cars, 14 bikes, and raised $11,769.

Christmas Festival 2004 Looking For Booths, Parade Applicants

The Claiborne Christmas Festival Committee is now accepting application for the 2004 Christmas Festival which will be held Saturday, November 27 on and around the Courthouse Square. Applications can be picked up at Miss Lizzies at 400 West 3rd Street in Homer or by calling 318-927-9009 during the day or 318-927-4837 after 5 PM. If no answer, leave a message. The Committee is wanting more local craft people to get involved this year. Booth spaces are $30. Get your application in early to get the space of your choice. If you would like to participate in the Christmas Festival Parade which will be held at 1 PM on November 27, you may call the phone numbers above for information or drop by Miss Lizzies to pick up an application form.


Buy A Book - Build A Child

Click for FlyerCompletion of the Homer Elementary School Library is expected late August 2004. Librarian Maggie Harris is requesting businesses and individuals to donate $25 per book, to help build a child's future through reading. A recognition label will be placed on the inside front cover of each book purchased through your donations. Donating a book in their name is a great way to honor a friend or family member. Donations may be mailed to Homer Elementary School Library, 624 Bonner St, Homer, LA 71040. For more information, contact Librarian Maggie Harris at 318-927-2393. Please print the program flyer and post at your place of business.

Toe Tapping Good Time at Claiborne Country in Homer

Claiborne Country provides a toe-tapping good time Saturday Nights throughout the year. Hours are 7:00pm - 10:30pm. Features the Claiborne Country house band with Special Guest Singers. Free Dance Lessons are also offered, call 870-546-9534 for more information. No Alcohol and No Smoking.

Claiborne One Site Now Features Area Image Archive

Archives Now Online include:

Money Available for New or Expanding Businesses in Homer

The The Claiborne Chamber of Commerce now has monies to lend through the Revolving Loan Program. Anyone who is interested in starting a business or enlarging an existing business within an eight mile radius of Homer may be eligible. These funds were received from the USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant Program to assist small businesses and provide for jobs in Claiborne Parish. Loan preferences will be made on the basis of job creation. Further information may be obtained by contacting John Watson, Executive Director of the Claiborne Chamber of Commerce at (318) 927-3271.

Smoke Detectors For The Elderly Offered through TRIAD

TRIAD of Claiborne wants all seniors age 65 and above, to have a smoke detector. You may also qualify if you're disabled. Having a smoke detector can mean the difference of life or death. Smoke detectors are available without charge. If you don't have a smoke detector, call 927-2011.

The Claiborne One Website Is Seeking Area Support

The Claiborne One website at, with hundreds of pages online, including the Claiborne Parish Police Jury, The Towns of Haynesville & Homer and are seeking sponsors to support continued growth. Sponsors are provided custom banners linking to the sponsor's website. Guardian-Journal Headlines and New Briefs, updated weekly, are available at Claiborne One, archived since November, 1999. A community effort is needed in collecting information for Claiborne One. For contribution ideas, see the open letter from Claiborne One's local web site designer. To contribute news and photos to Claiborne One contact Key-Comp Web Design, Joel Ponder at 927-9229 or use the online contact form. For more information on becoming a sponsor Visit the Claiborne One Sponsorship Page or contact the Allen Group, Al Lynn at 927-9674.


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